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Painting Contractor Bowery

With years of combined professional experience in the industry, the team at Paint Power has built a reputation as Bowery’s premier home and business remodeling company. Our entire team of contractors are licensed and certified in all areas of interior and exterior remodeling. We provide a full range of renovation services that meet all of your construction needs.

Whether you are homeowner who needs a small kitchen or bath makeover, or own a large business with several major projects coming up, we can help you take you ideas and bring them to life. Visit our website or contact one of our Bowery painting company today for consultation. We can help you get your next project launched today!

Browey Painting Company

Painting for Your Business Bowery

Painting a corporate office in Bowery with multiple desks and lots of office equipment is a major undertaking. It requires diligent planning and careful execution. Something of this magnitude requires the experience and skill of a professional company. At Paint Power we combine precision with efficiency in order to paint each room without damaging or staining any item in your room. We move all items with absolute care and completely replace everything back to where it was. You get a new vibrant room at a rate you can afford.

Browery Painting Business

Decorative Wallpaper Installation Bowery

With a wide variety of designs and improved construction wallpaper is more popular than ever. Wallpaper offers endless options. Used as either a stand-alone or as an enhanced feature along with paint, wallpaper provides the perfect accent for your room. Choose from elegant classy designs or modern cutting edge colors and tones that are perfect to suit your personal style. We provide full service that includes removing the old paper, smoothing out your wall and repairing and damaged areas, and then implementing the new wallpaper in Bowery.

Browey Wallpaper Installation

Our Services in Bowery

Bowery, NY

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