Closet Organization New York City

Let’s face it, you’re a genius, you get things done. You’re successful, powerful, and smart but you can’t find your socks, this is where Paint Power comes in. Since 2007, we have been helping both home and business owners get their life in order by offering organization solutions primarily for your closet and storage areas.

Closet Organization

Believe it or not, with the right help, organization is easier than you think. It simply takes creating a strategy and the tools that help you naturally put things in their right place. Paint Power love helping people straighten out their closet and organize their personal spaces in a way that’s simple and practical.

Complete Custom Storage

  • Learning who you are as a person can help us determine the road of least resistance in creating storage space that actually works for you.
  • So we provide a completely customizable storage service that is ideal for your lifestyle. We provide a service that is affordable and can be completed quickly for your convenience.

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