Do it yourselfDIY Pinecone Decorations That Let Nature Sing in Your Home

November 15, 2018by painter0

pinecone crafts decorations chandelier

Chandelier Swag

Fashion your favorite fresh greenery—pine, spruce, or cedar (pictured here)—with a pinecone or two to transform a basic light fixture into a wintertime display. Pro tip: Use some invisible fishing line to keep everything in place through the season.

pinecone crafts decorations

Pinecone Garnish

Bring the look and smell of Christmasinto any room in your home with this bundle of branches. Use heavy-duty floral wire to wrap everything together and then drape it on a bare wall with a Command strip

pinecone crafts decorations wreath

Elegant Grapevine Wreath

Select embellishments that suit the size of your room and fireplace. For smaller spaces, choose petite pinecones, and for grand rooms, work with the biggest ones you can find. Here, cones, flowers, and fresh pine are used to dress up a basic grapevine wreath.

pinecone decoration bleached

Bleached Pinecone Arrangement

If the typical rich brown hue feels too dark for your decor, lighten up your backyard treasures with some bleach or a warm white paint.

pinecone decorations craft ornament

Pinecone Snap Ornament

Create a snow globe-inspired ornament with a simple plastic snap-together sphere filled with pinecones and evergreen boughs gathered from your yard.



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