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September 17, 2018by painter0

Leaf card art

This display is a biology lesson and wall decor in one! Tape leaves to identification cards created with crafts store materials or printed from our free templates below. Then place them along a card-holder tree

Fall glow

Fall glow

Turn wax paper and leaves into a pretty autumn lantern to use with a battery-powered votive.

Cut waxed paper into four 5×12 pieces, then fold in half to 5×6 pieces. Put leaves (fresh, dried, faux or cut-out printed images) inside the folded waxed paper, then press with an iron on low heat to seal. Tape the sides together with decorative tape to make a lantern and place a battery-operated votive inside. (Waxed paper can burn, so be sure to use only battery-operated candles.)

Leaf bowls

Leaf bowls

Faux leaves become pretty lightweight bowls with just a little DIY time.

Blow up a balloon (the larger the balloon, the larger your bowl will be) and rest in in a bowl. Cover the top of the balloon and the top sides of leaves with decoupage medium. Gently layer the leaves face down on the balloon, forming a bowl shape. Brush more decoupage medium on the backs of the leaves. Let dry, then poke a hole in the balloon and discard balloon.

Set a scene

A stack of pumpkins and gourds in an unusual stone birdbath highlights an autumn scene. Mums, fall leaves and berries add even more color.

Leaf art

Pressed leaves taped to crafting paper make for simple seasonal art. Hang a few rows with removable adhesive strips for high impact above a bed or sofa.

Orange-and-white centerpiece

White pumpkins encircled by bittersweet vine and set along an orange table runner create a striking table arrangement.




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